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CNC machine tool chain forecast
May 11, 2016

The origins of machine tool chain, chain specifications, drag chains, drag chain development originated in Germany and later by Hui Ding machine reference samples and the development of innovative structures, promotion and use in the country. Move with the mechanical cable, tubing, gas pipes, water pipes, metal hose, protective sleeving, corrugated pipe, plastic coated metal hose belongs to the protected products. Recently, the industry and information technology Ministry in Beijing organized industry experts on the robot industry development plan (2016-2020) describes the circumstances. At the meeting, equipment industry Department of the Ministry of industry and information, Deputy Director, Director of the Office of the major equipment Li Dong, Chinese Academy of engineering academician Feng Xicheng, President, China Shenyang siasun robot Qu Daokui, Director of the Industrial Union, Executive-General Song Xiaogang, Chairman of China's robot industry Union, the Chinese robot industry association Deputy Secretary-General Yao Zhiju, respectively, on issues such as planning and development of the robot industry carried out a detailed analysis. In the previous phases dissolve iron and steel, electrolytic aluminum, cement, plate glass, and shipbuilding overcapacity in the process industry inside and outside views, whether current robot industry is excess capacity? Meanwhile, the majority of media attention in many provinces and cities to develop robots, compared with overcapacity, the robot industry is growing so fast, there is excess capacity. It should be said that analysis of whether an industry overcapacity, should start from the point of view of supply and demand, the robot industry market prospects are hopeful, can say no one can accurately predict the mechanical inflection point where market demand. So in industrial robot and service robot so big market needs of situation Xia, and with with traditional robot to modern robot transition, near five years market on robot of needs each moments are in growth, 2015 production growth has 21%, which independent brand production growth has 31%, and mechanical people most is set business, rarely has inventory backlog, from supply and demand relationship to analysis said, can pre sentenced future needs in continued sex expanded.