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Considerations for purchasing woodworking engraving machine?
May 11, 2016

Before buying, try carving

Before you buy the machine, in order to ensure your return on investment, sales personnel or by your own hands, to try carving you do most often. Calculate work efficiency, observed effects, fully tested, performance, real aware.

Sign the contract

After you decide to buy, the first thing to do is signing contracts with vendors, contracts shall indicate the purchase of models, configure, price, delivery time and delivery methods, training, warranty, and the terms of payment and other elements. After the contract is signed, and should normally be required by contract to pay a certain amount of deposit (cash).

Delivery and training

Engraving after the arrival of general inspection machine out of the box by a technician, power, should carefully check whether the appearance of damage, impact damage in transit. If in good condition and control contract with random manual count machine with accessories. Installed by the technician machine (includes hardware installation, dismantling fixtures, placement machine. Cable for connecting power supply.

Software installation, configure computers, install the optional engraving software). Installed, the test document provided by the factory to carving machine testing, such as the correct finished carving the test, measuring delivery acceptance is complete.