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Machine tool remanufacturing a combination of innovation and transformation, or the industry "reborn"
May 11, 2016

On April 11, the Shenyang machine tool with the world's first platform-i5 M8 China machine tool exhibition start, i5 thermal only increased unabated. April 18 under the Shenyang machine tool Meng Liao, increased disclosure plan, proposed at 15.96 Yuan per share, as the reserve price is not more than ten non-public offering no more than 187.9699 million shares for a particular object, raising total no more than 3 billion yuan for intelligent network upgrade project to upgrade the machine tool industry, marketing projects, technological innovation platform projects and repay Bank loans.

Have to say that Shenyang machine tool this initiative is forward-looking. With precision the degree of machine tool industry and the promotion of efficiency, China's machine tool industry is currently in urgent need of a large number of machine tool manufacturing, regardless of the market or the enterprise's own transition needs, capital investment is essential, from the machine tool manufacturing industry development perspective, corresponding to the upgrading of the machine will be able to receive in return.