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Turning lathe CNC machining
Sep 30, 2016

The best wood lathe for each individual depends on their specific needs. The products the user intends to make will also affect which wood lathe is best for their circumstances. There are many items that can be created with certain machines, and the user may intend to make staircase ,table legs, bats or pens. The machine a user chooses should be one that is best for the items that are most often created.

Individual users may also have certain budget restrictions, and these will be a top priority for such users. Tianjiao wood lathe the price range from 2100 USD - 8000 USD , can statisfy various client's budget . just need clients tell us your detailed need , we give you professional advice and quotate you best price .

Aside from the price and the products created, one should choose a wood lathe that is of top quality. Tianjiao wood lathe compare with before , in machine quality we make great improvement . replace before stepper rotate motor we adopt MIGE servo rotate motor , thus guarantee machine working strength and working stability .

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