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Woodworking engraving machine circular rail track good or well?
May 11, 2016

Woodworking machine movement now has a square linear Guide and to rounded-linear guides, many woodworking machines on the market are equipped with plenty of exercise to square rail have circular guides, so in practice, square Rails good or round Rails is good?

We are know woodworking carved machine of performance main is see machine life, and load contains weight, and accuracy, and processing speed, aspects, its equipped with of guide quality bad is effect machine performance of important accessories, round guide of cross section is a round, carved machine of movement axis direction precisely in round guide cross cut round surface of most vertex, that is round guide of machine directly by points actually is a article line, and square guide of by force contact surface is a surface, relative, square guide of load contains apparently to than round rail to big, And after a long time running, loss of the circular guide speeds are for example rail.

Linear square guide after quenching the fire processed material is Nickel-chromium alloys wear resistance performance is good but a circle Guide to steel away across a layer of Nickel-chromium alloy layer, and there is no good to quench the fire, its wear resistance instead of square Rails. After a long period of work, circular gap between the rails and sliders will soon increase accuracy and stability can be significantly reduced.