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Application Of Cnc Wood Lathes
Jul 17, 2017

Cnc wood lathe for the spindle box and feed box Siamese structure, is the machine, electricity, gas integration of high-tech products

Applicable to the processing of large diameter, short length of the workpiece can be high-speed steel or carbide cutting tools for hardwood, cork paste wood for processing, to complete the outer, inner hole, face, cone, cut, cut and other rough, Processing. To achieve full automation, one-time finished products, greatly improving the efficiency of Cnc wood lathe is mainly used for processing columns, wooden bowls, pen and other crafts, and other parts with rotating surface, is the most widely used in the manufacture of a class of machine tools. Milling machines and drilling machines and other rotary processing machinery are derived from the lathe out



Tianjiao Machinery is one crediable cnc wood lathe turning machine for spiral staircase manufacturer in China, experienced in manufacturing high precision and high quality cnc wood lathe turning machine for spiral staircase suitable for different people. Hoping your contact with our factory.