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Chun Kit CNC Lathe Popular Russia
May 11, 2016

A few days ago, one from Russia dealer Jay Chun traveled thousands of miles to teach woodworking machinery, purchase a number of modern CNC lathes. The dealers told reporters, this CNC lathe in Russia is welcomed by the furniture industry this year, he has taught several times to buy the products.

Russia vast forest resources are very rich. Because of the rich forest resources, Russia furniture with solid wood furniture. In recent years, Russia begin wealthy home in suburban areas to buy or build villas. Villa demand growth, boosting the solid wood staircase in the consumer market. In this context, stair handrail special-purpose machinery: CNC lathe in Russia become the new darling of the market. Early wood stair handrail and processing machinery for manual lathe, the idea is to cut long pieces of wood fixed to the machine, plugged in and the sliver of wood turning, workers move tool, cut the wood Strip wave-wheel columns. This method is not only inefficient, processed product standards are not uniform enough. Since 2000, semi-automatic knife-type lathes came into the market. The lathe is turning back to install special special cutting tools. After startup, shaped cutters cut into parts in a very short time the finished product. Semi-automatic knife compared with manual lathe, lathe, efficiency, standardization to improve processing of finished products, but a tool is only suitable for a standard process, its performance is still not satisfactory.