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CNC Woodworking Lathe G3 To Break Through The Cloud In The Enterprise Want To Promote Is The Preferred
May 11, 2016

In the current environment of the Internet, existing projects promising, more abuses, G3 cloud extension services functionality of integrating Internet resources and improve ease of use and low cost.

G3 cloud extension specific characteristics are as follows:

1, market space, CNC wood lathe SMEs want to break, G3 cloud network promotion is preferred;

2, easy to operate without the development of products without service, CNC wood lathe by using existing resources to launch operations;

3, reasonable cost 21-30 more than a day's consumption, CNC wood lathe users can get million the total value of a number of service functions, user accessible

4, the integration of mainstream Internet marketing resources. CNC woodworking lathe users to combine the B2B platform and two main search engine Internet marketing resources;

5, the same background operation. Establishment of sales management, instant website, B2B platform Gets an opportunity, search engine optimization, numerical control woodworking lathe graphic advertising and other marketing functions of these networks are all in the same back-office operations;