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How To Choose One Set Cnc Wood Lathe
Oct 13, 2016

CNC  system CNC woodworking lathe adopts high-speed wear-resisting power bed  head to increase the whole cast steel bed, metal NC car parts, grinding  screw drive, more stable, faster, higher finish, lower noise, ,  Cutting large, simple, stable performance, general workers, women  workers can operate to solve the current problem of high wages of  skilled workers. And a person can operate 2-3 units, greatly reducing production costs. Product quality assurance, after-sale Three Guarantees, site installation and commissioning training through-train service

Equipment technical parameters:
1: The whole cast steel bed, solid deformation
2: Control system: CNC
2: Method of operation: graphics U disk was admitted to the system, a simple set to start processing.
3: Processing range: staircase columns, railings column, furniture  legs, solid wood bed, wooden lamps, wooden candlesticks, tools, wooden  handle, wood crafts and so on.
4: Model: TJ 1530 , TJ 1516 , TJ 2030 , TJ 2530 , TJ 2016
5: processing length: 1000mm 1500mm 2000mm 2500mm
6: processing diameter: double-column processing at the same time processing diameter 20-100mm
Single-column diameter of up to 20-300mm
7: Accuracy: 0.10mm
8: Spindle power: 4KW, 5.5KW
9: Spindle speed: 0-3800r / min stepless speed regulation
10: Y-axis maximum feed speed: 1500mm / min (16N step, servo motor)
11: Z axis maximum feed: 1200mm / min (12N stepping, servo motor)
12: X axis maximum feed: 1200mm / min (12N step, servo motor)
13: Tool: white steel alloy tungsten steel
Note:  According to customer requirements size custom technology door  installation training train service, life-long technical support

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