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How To Set Cnc Wood Lathe Tools / Knife
Oct 14, 2016

Knife is the least likely to cause people to pay attention. However,  in the processing of wood, the installation of turning, not only pay  attention to the length of the tool out of the rigid and can meet the  processing needs, but also consider the installation angle of the tool  is reasonable, but also to meet the sharpness of the workpiece Rotating the center of this problem.

As the car outside the circle, the tool tip slightly higher than the CNC woodworking lathe rotation center is better. The  purpose of roughing is to remove the machining allowance as quickly as  possible. The machining accuracy is generally not high. In order to  increase the strength of the head, increase the cutting amount to  increase the production efficiency, and to ensure the tool durability. Of  life, and all these, as long as the tip slightly higher than the CNC  woodworking lathe rotation center can achieve the above purpose.

Tianjiao wood lathe adopt Fuwang rigid HSS material tools . the right fix type like below :


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