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Lathe Parts, OEM Orders are Welcome
Sep 30, 2016

In  the use of CNC woodworking lathe , part from product quality reasons, the use of  wood is also very important in the use of woodworking lathes . In terms of production efficiency ,compare with traditional hand-operated lathe ,there will be a great improvement .  if the use of wood quality has  improved, the product's production efficiency and quality will have a  higher upgrade.
First of all, in the processing of wood is necessary to carry out the  corresponding finishing, and only by finishing into the appropriate  processing shape, so that the use of equipment processing time can  quickly complete a variety of processing processes.
Second,  the wood must be processed in the drying process to ensure that the  wood is not too wet, because when the wood moisture content is lower  than the fiber saturation point, Thereby improving the processing of the same wood after the drying  process when the processing of its conditions will be greatly improved,  so that will reduce the processing time caused by the waste of the  problem of loss.
And  then use the CNC woodworking lathe used in addition to attention to the  use of the timber quality, but also pay attention to the regular  maintenance and maintenance of the machine, this will be more directly  improve the use of lathe efficiency and service life.

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