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Numerical Control Woodworking Machine In Our Country Will Become A Trend
May 11, 2016

For the upcoming age of robots, robot manufacturing companies have found opportunities. Hangzhou branch of pine-interface Zeng Peng, sales manager in the process of visiting customers discovered that private enterprises in Zhejiang on the use of robots and growing range of applications. "For example, car companies are simply Assembly or welding process using a bot, and now they're on engine cleaning process can also choose to use robots. "Zeng Peng also noted that there were business leaders in front of the labor shortage, decided to choose a tailored programme of robot services.

Robots do have many benefits, it can reach a lot of people hard to reach places, in reality it is difficult to work. Hangzhou company, such as underwater robots can operate into divers dive the depths of less than. Robot has a lot of uses. United States Ford has created the world's first modern industrial production lines, assembly line workers in work time, invariably repeat the same work performance of Charlie Chaplin's film modern times very clearly. In fact, assembly line workers could be replaced by robots, and now a lot of line work is done by robots. Moreover, the robot can work 24 hours, not slacking off, always maintain its high efficiency. All in all, compared with the real robot had too many benefits. Now only cost is still relatively high.