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The Advantage Of Servo Motor For Wood Lathe Machine Use
Jun 08, 2016

in wood lathe machine use , if we want machine rotate we need induction Motor. induction motor have servo motor , stepper motor difference . just here want clients clearly know the advantage of servo motor for wood lathe machine use :

this is Tianjiao specially adopt 3.7KW Induction servo Motor

advantage :

  1. Comparatively high power output than the motor weight and size.

  2. Encoder sets resolution and accuracy.

  3. Highly efficient. It can reach up to 90% of light loads.

  4. Exuberantly high torque to inertia ratio which leads to quick acceleration of loads.

  5. Reserves power for emergencies and can provide 2-3 times constant power for short time.

  6. Reserves torque and can provide 5-10 times rated torque for short time.

  7. Motor remains cool because the current drawn is proportional to load.

  8. High speed torque is functional as it holds rated torque to 90% of NL RPM

  9. Doesn’t make noise even while running at high speed.

  10. Free of vibration and resonance.

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