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The Advantages Of CNC Lathes
Jul 06, 2017

The programmable logic controller (PLC) is also a general-purpose automatic control device, also known as a programmable controller (ProgrammableController, referred to as PC) or programmable machine controller Programmable Machine Controller, referred to as PMC), used to complete a variety of CNC machine tools and sequential control, such as machine start and stop, workpiece clamping, tool replacement, coolant switch and other auxiliary action. PLC also accepts the machine operation panel instruction: on the one hand directly controls the movement of the machine; on the other hand, the instruction is sent to the CNC, CNC system PLC has built-in and independent type. I-type PLC and CNC are combined with the design, also known as integrated, CNC is part of the independent PLC by the independent professional factory production, also known as exterior type.

CNC machine tool operation is achieved through the man-machine operator panel, man-machine operation panel from the CNC panel and machine panel composition.


CNC panel is the CNC control panel, by the display and manual data extraction (Manual DataInput, referred to as MDI) keyboard, also known as MD] panel. The lower part of the display is often provided with a menu selection for selecting the menu. Keyboard in addition to a variety of symbols Jian, digital health and functional health, you can also set up! User-defined health and so on. Operators can use the keyboard and display to achieve system management, the NC program and the relevant data input, storage and editing changes. In the process, the screen can dynamically display the system status and fault diagnosis and so on. In addition, the NC program and data can also be through the disk or communication interface box.

The machine operator panel is mainly used for manual operation of the machine and the operation or intervention of the machine in automatic mode. There are a variety of buttons and selector switch, for machine tools and auxiliary equipment in the start and stop, the choice of processing methods, speed magnification options; and digital tube and signal display. In the small and medium-sized CNC machine tool control panel and CNC panel is often made a whole, but there is a clear boundary between the two. The communication interface of the CNC system, such as the serial interface, is permanent and on the machine operation panel.